Hershey Candy

Is there any candy I can eat?

Aw chocolate! Sweet, sweet chocolate. The smell of chocolate in the morning. Everything is great about chocolate; the smell, the taste, the flavor, the texture, the sweetness, and the way it makes you feel; it’s all so amazing.

I used to enjoy all of Hershey’s products until I developed my sensitivities. I knew I wasn’t able to eat chocolate because I was eating chocolate when I started to have problems and stomach aches from soy lecithin, but I thought that fruity candies from Hershey would be okay. My family loves going to Hershey Park and the last trip I went to was the first time I went having my sensitivities knowing I can’t eat chocolate. We were at Chocolate World, saddened that I couldn’t eat any of the chocolates or desserts there, but figured maybe my all-time favorite fruity candy, Twizzlers, would be okay for me to consume.

Looking at all the candy options, hoping to bring some home, I found out that I can’t have any of it, not even their gum. Looked at Twizzlers at first; soy lecithin. Figured Jolly Ranchers would be okay; nope, soy lecithin. Thought gum should be fine; it wasn’t, there’s soy lecithin. That’s when I discovered I can’t even chew on some gum because of the soy lecithin inside.

My previous trip to Hershey Park was when I was so heartbroken, realizing I can’t eat any of their candy because of my sensitivity to soy lecithin. I did, however, very much enjoy my trip since I love amusement parks and I loved getting to try their newer rides. Instead of taking home candy, I was able to grab a couple of t-shirts and a Lego-like racecar that I got to build, which was cool because I love Lego, Lego-like products, and building things. I now will be able to go to Hershey Park prepared, knowing I can’t eat their candy, but still have fun enjoying the rides and activities and can only hope that one day, Hershey will come out with some allergy-friendly products, specifically canola oil and soy lecithin free :).

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