Holiday Themed Candy

The heartbreaking reality of not being able to eat the fun, holiday candy because of your allergies.

Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter; they all have candy, specifically chocolate, shaped to represent the theme whether it’s ghosts, Christmas trees, hearts, Easter bunnies…etc, but with my sensitivity to soy lecithin stopping me from enjoying chocolate, I miss out on the fun shaped candy for the holidays.

While shopping for Easter, I went to CVS to buy some Easter candy. I was hoping for some allergy-friendly Easter themed candy, but couldn’t really find any. The good news is that I did find some candy I could eat, like Sour Patch Kids, Peeps, Starbursts, and Skittles, but as a chocolate holic, I really wanted some cute allergy-friendly chocolate shaped like bunnies or Easter eggs.

I was happy to find some Yum Earth, allergy-friendly bunny-shaped gummies at CVS, which was awesome and they tasted great, although my family members ate most of them, so I missed out. In regards to chocolate, I know Enjoy Life Foods has their allergy-friendly chocolate and decorate the bag for the holidays, however, there wasn’t any at CVS plus the chocolate itself isn’t in the fun shapes. Besides Enjoy Life chocolate, there isn’t any other allergy-friendly chocolate, that I know of, that would be holiday shaped and in main stores like CVS.

I would love to see more allergy-friendly holiday themed candy all over stores. They should be right next to the “regular” holiday themed candy, all in the same isle. Why do those of us with food allergies have to miss out on the cute candy during the holidays? I can only hope for the day where I’m able to walk into CVS during the holiday season and buy allergy-friendly candy that is located right next to the other candy instead of not getting any at all or perhaps ordering some online, paying extra for shipping, and hope that it arrives on time. Some stores like Whole Foods that may have allergy-friendly holiday candy are too far away from me just to grab some candy, which is why I wish that the allergy-friendly stuff would be in more stores and easily accessible to everyone. The candy is so good that it’s even great to share with those who don’t have allergies, so why not have more of it stores? Let everyone enjoy the holidays, allergies or not.

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