Ingredients in Gum

What is in our gum that may stop some of us with food sensitivities/allergies from enjoying?

Don’t you just love chewing on gum when you’re bored or on a diet and don’t want to eat junk food, so you grab some gum? I used to love gum and blowing bubbles and trying all the different flavors, but now I can’t even chew on some gum because of my sensitivity to soy lecithin, which is pretty much in all gums. Well, I can have the gum inside of blow pops or the small gumballs I have, but those are full of sugar and the flavor doesn’t last very long; they’re good for like 2 seconds. Now, I haven’t had a stomach ache after chewing some gum, I just looked at the ingredients and noticed soy lecithin listed, so I stopped buying gum, so I don’t actually know if gum will in fact bother me, but I’m too scared to try.

Knowing that there is soy lecithin in gum, I started questioning other ingredients in gum that may affect people with sensitivities or allergies. I know that soy is an allergen, so does that mean that people with a soy allergy also can’t have gum because of the use of soy lecithin? Looking at Trident gum’s ingredients, I noticed Calcium Casein Peptone-Calcium Phosphate (Lactose-Free Milk Derivative), so that means there is a milk derived ingredient in gum as well. Does that mean people with an allergy to milk/dairy can’t chew this gum either? Who would’ve thought that there would be a milk product in gum? That’s kind of ridiculous.

Goes to show that you need to read the labels for EVERYTHING.

One day while grocery shopping, I noticed this new gum called “PUR” that was advertised as aspartame free, gluten free, nut & peanut free; looked promising. So, I grabbed a pack and took a closer look. It is also sugar free, non-GMO, vegan, natural flavors, allergen free, but most importantly soy free. Yahoo! Gum that has no soy lecithin, and even better, is all natural. So I bought a small pack and tried it out. Has a strong, natural flavor and last hours. This is like the perfect kind of gum. Highly recommend trying some gum from PUR, especially if you have food allergies and/or prefer vegan, non-GMO, natural, and sugar free gum.

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