Substances in Beverages

You will not believe what is in our drinks! I’m shocked that I’ve been drinking this without even knowing it.

When it comes to food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, you learn to always check the labels for everything you buy that you will consume because the truth is, you don’t know what you are putting into your body until you read the labels. You have to be extra cautious making sure that the product does not contain any of your allergens, especially for any hidden ingredients.

Recently because of my canola oil sensitivity, I’ve learned that there is oil in a lot of drinks. I already knew about oil in Sunny D and Muscle Milk, specifically canola oil, but I didn’t realize that there is oil in soda as well. However, because I already knew that oil can be found in drinks, I was not shocked to discover oil in soda. I’ve cut out soda many years ago, so I no longer drink it, so the fact that there is oil in soda doesn’t affect me, although it’s kind of gross when you think about it. Who wants to drink oil?

While looking on Facebook, I saw a picture that someone shared of UK foods vs. US foods and how different the ingredients are and Mountain Dew was one of those products being compared. While looking at the ingredients, I’ve noticed brominated vegetable oil listed. In my case, canola oil is a type of vegetable oil, so I wouldn’t even know if I could drink Mt. Dew if I wanted to. It’s one of those food items that I would have to stay away from just to be safe because I have no idea what “brominated vegetable oil” means and whether or not that contains canola oil.

This just goes to show that I need to check the ingredients for everything, even drinks. Also, if I didn’t have food sensitivities, I would have no idea that I was drinking oil. How many of us without any dietary restrictions actual check the labels for the food we buy? I never did that when I was younger and able to eat all types of food. I just grabbed what I liked like Goldfish and Oreos and enjoyed it. I had no idea what I was actually eating or drinking. Who knows how many other beverages I drink or had in the past that has contained any type of oil or substances that I haven’t heard about or didn’t know about.

Now, I’m being extra cautious and checking the ingredients in all types of drinks. Just to be carious, I looked at the coffee creamer we have in the house and there’s sunflower oil. So, for me, I would still be able to drink it, because I’m fine with sunflower oil, but there’s even oil in coffee creamer. That means that there could even be canola oil in different types of coffee creamer and I could have some coffee thinking it would be okay, but then having a problem confused as to why and finding canola oil in the creamer. Actually, just looking it up, there’s vegetable oil in Nestle’s French Vanilla Coffee-Mate coffee creamer. So, yeah, I would’ve put that in my coffee and got a stomach ache not realizing that there is canola oil in coffee creamer. I wouldn’t think to check the ingredients of coffee creamer, I would’ve just poured in it in my coffee and found out the hard way. Good thing I don’t drink coffee nor coffee creamer.

Oil in drinks makes me nervous going out and ordering a drink. I don’t want to order an alcoholic beverage, a drink at Dunkin or Starbucks, a milkshake…etc. without knowing every ingredient involved in the beverage because apparently there can be oil in drinks too. I can’t get a drink unless I’m able to see the ingredients before it’s made. I don’t know what I can get at Starbucks besides a drink that I’ve previously had with no problems. So, I pretty much have to test it first and I don’t want to do that for every drink. Not to mention my sensitivity to soy lecithin where fancy drinks like frappuccinos could have both soy lecithin and canola oil in them or one or the other. There’s oil in coffee creamer so now I don’t even know if I can even get coffee not knowing what’s in the cream, flavors, added shots, or anything else in coffee or even teas. Now knowing that oil is even in drinks could explain why I threw up the last time I ordered an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant. I’m now too scared just to get a basic drink.

It’s kind of scary when you think about it. The fact that we have to check ingredients in our drinks; knowing that there is oil in beverages. You can’t even trust water. I’ve noticed added ingredients in purified water, which is probably what makes it purified, you could think you’re just drinking water when you’re actually drinking more than that like calcium. It’s crazy how there’s so much going on behind the scenes to our food and beverages that we don’t know about it. Like what are they doing to our fruit to keep it fresh? In reality, we’re consuming a lot more than we think like chemicals, which could explain why so many of us have illnesses and allergies. One way to help though, is to always look at the labels and have a better idea of what we’re putting in our bodies.

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