Vacation with Food Sensitivities and Deciding What Food to Bring

The worries of traveling with dietary restrictions…What type of food will be there? Will there be anything I can safely eat?

When you travel with dietary restrictions and you’re unfamiliar with the places you are going to and the food they have, you’re always safer and better off bringing your own safe snacks with you so you will always have something to eat. But, the question is, what type of food do you bring?

I was looking at BJ’s to buy a large stock of snack bars to bring with me while on vacation. A bar that will keep me full if there is absolutely nothing I can eat at the restaurants we may go to. Or something to hold me over for a couple hours if I get hungry while out and about and can’t find a safe snack to eat. I was thinking something like a protein bar. Something that will be perfect to bring with me to my upcoming trip to Disney World that I can bring to the parks and always have a safe snack with me.

I was looking at all the bars available at BJ’s and noticed that I can’t eat any of them. In fact, I even tried a couple bites of a Quest bar, which has a good source of protein to keep me full, but it hit me instantly. About 5 minutes later and I was in the bathroom. Definitely not for me. But, then I found this one bar that I can have, which tasted good, but has way too much sugar and is more like eating a candy bar rather than a healthy snack bar that will keep me full for a couple hours. It wasn’t something I was looking for that would be helpful during my trip.

Later, I got an email from Enjoy Life Foods for 15% off the entire order and I knew that that was a sign. I realized that I could order food online and have it shipped in time for my vacation. So, I got a bunch of different types of Enjoy Life snacks like bars and protein bites to bring with me. Plus, I know that there is also Enjoy Life snacks at Disney World Parks and Resorts so, I’ll be able to grab an allergy-friendly snack at Magic Kingdom or at the resort while on vacation. Enjoy Life Foods is a lifesaver for food allergies, especially when it comes to traveling, especially to Disney. I also recently found Kashi’s Go protein bars that I can safely eat, so I know I can bring those too, although the kind I tried has chocolate chunks on top, which melt easily, so it’s not a snack I want to bring outside in the heat to a Disney park with me, so I think I’ll just stick with Enjoy Life.

When trying to find food like snack bars that will be great to bring with you while on vacation, keep in mind that you can always order food online. Maybe order some of your favorite allergy-friendly snacks from Enjoy Life Foods; they always have some type of deal. It’s always better to bring some of your own snacks with you, so you know that at least you’ll have something to safely eat. Then you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation a lot more stress and worry-free knowing that you’ll have your back-up snacks with you. Try to enjoy the trip the best way you can. Having your safe snacks with you is one way to help you relax, unwind and not think and worry about your allergies or finding food to eat. Remember that you’re on vacation to have a good time and relax; don’t make it a stressful one by not bringing safe food to eat. Remember that it’s not always about the food. Have a great time, especially if you’re going to Disney World!

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