Bringing Your Own Food

Help!!! I’m starving at a restaurant with nothing I safely can eat. What do I do? I need fooooooodddddd!

Have you ever been to a restaurant, event, or party and found out that there is absolutely nothing you can eat because of your food allergies, incollerances, or sensitivities? That has happened to me at my most recent visit to Olive Garden, which I blogged about. It wasn’t until I arrived at the restaurant, ordered my food, and found out that I couldn’t eat anything there. What do you do now when you’re out at a restaurant, but can’t eat any of the food provided?

The best advice I can give you is always bring your own food. Also, when you are planning to go to a restaurant and you know where you’re going beforehand, you always have the option to call the restaurant before you go. But, you’re probably better off always having at least one safe snack with you. That way, when nothing works out and you find out you can’t eat anything, you always have your back-up snack. Of course, it has to be a snack that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, doesn’t have to be cooked, and doesn’t go bad within a couple of days. Some type of protein bar may be the best type of snack to carry with you. That way, if you plan on going out for a meal, but can’t enjoy that food, at least you’ll have a protein bar that provides protein and nutrients you need as well as a snack that will keep you full or at least not completely starving. Then you could always eat something once you get home.

Also, you never know when you’re out and about and may be hungry for a snack. You can’t stop anywhere and grab something, but no need to fear, you have your safe snack right in your bag. That’s another reason to always carry a snack with you. Throw a few in your bag or your car, so it’s always with you, and when you run out, just refill your bag. We’ve all been in those moments when we’re out, watching our kids’ games for example, and haven’t had time to eat. Well, know you have a snack like a protein bar right in your bag. Comes in handy when you need it the most.

Bringing your own food gives you extra protection knowing that when you’re unable to find safe food to eat, you always have your snacks. It helps make your day a lot more stress-free as you can say, “well, at least I have my safe-to-eat protein bar in my bag.” Always think ahead and have your food prepared. When you know you’re going out to a place that has food or going out somewhere for dinner, bring a sandwich that won’t go bad overnight like a nut butter sandwich that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, that way you have a back-up sandwich if there is nothing you can eat, and if there is food you can eat and you don’t end up eating the sandwich, then it’s okay to bring home and eat it another time.

Always have back-up food in your bag like grain bars, so that if you do go out and you forget to pack extra food just in case, then you have your back-up, safe-to-eat snacks in your bag, so you have nothing to worry about. Rather be safe than sorry. It won’t hurt to carry a few protein bars and bring them everywhere you go. Always bring your own food so you don’t have to fear about having nothing to eat. A party or restaurant meal only lasts a couple hours, so you’re able to eat your snacks to satisfy your hunger, then go home and enjoy a meal later at night. It will never let you down when you have extra snacks in your bag or with you at all times. It’s always better to bring your own food and enjoy your night out.

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