Deciding What To Eat When You Have Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, or Allergies

Eating the foods that your body allows you to eat.

Having food sensitivities, allergies, or intolerances leaves us with an uncertainty of what we can actually eat especally if you have multiple allergies. Add that on top of trying to eat healthy and you’re left with a very limited option of food to eat. When you’re hungry, but can’t really eat much, deciding with what to enjoy leaves you with the mindset of, “I eat what I can.”

My diet consists of foods I can actually eat. What should I eat today? Well, anything my body will allow me to eat. So, when I’m hungry for a snack I’m gonna grab what I have in my house that my body can handle, whether that’s an apple or some crackers.

My favorite foods are foods that I’m able to enjoy, so I don’t necessarily have a favorite. Anything I can eat that my body can handle is my favorite type of food. Anything I can not eat, I dislike and stay away from, even if I was able to eat them in the past. For example, M&M’s were once my favorite candy, but now that I can’t eat them, I shy away and no longer have a favorite candy. As a chocolate lover, my favorite candy is any chocolate I’m able to enjoy that has no canola oil and no soy lecithin. Without those ingredients especially in chocolate, I’m a happy camper.

I try to eat as healthy as I can, but once I’m out of healthy food for the week, what do I eat then? Well, I eat whatever else I have in the house that is safe for me to eat like some cereal or some popcorn. I try to buy the healthier cereals and popcorns with less sugar, less calories, and less fat, which is not as healthy as eating fruit, but I eat it because I can and because I have no other healthy food left.

For the most part, I don’t really care about calories and what I eat for meals, but when it comes to snacks, I rather eat fruit or yogurt unless I’m out of options. That’s when I may grab some popcorn and eat it because I’m hungry and that’s all I have left in the house. Is it really that bad to snack on some popcorn every once in a while? I usually grab popcorn when I’m really hungry and question why I’m so hungry, but that’s after eating a full dinner, so I feel like it’s not the best option. But, it’s popcorn I can actually eat, so I get excited that I can eat it and indulge.

When it comes to choosing what foods to buy, I buy what’s available that is actually safe for my body to enjoy whether it is the healthiest or not. I will buy that natural peanut butter because I can eat that version and I like it better than other kinds even if it still has sugar and oil in it. I will get that chocolate dipped dairy- free ice cream even if I really shouldn’t be eating ice cream because I can eat it especally the chocolate coating, which is the best part. I guess it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while.

You have to look at what you can enjoy vs. what you are not able to have. I can’t have regular chocolate dipped ice creams and ice cream sandwiches, but I can have the dairy-free version, which is why I get those ones instead. Even with food sensitivities or allergies along with healthy eating, atleast there is still food you can eat and that’s what’s important; enjoying what we have available for you, even if it’s not the healthiest, it is food you’re able to enjoy problem-free.


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