Soy Lecithin in Froyo

You’ll never guess what else has soy lecithin in it. Oh wait, it’s in the title…soy lecithin defeats me once again.

Who doesn’t like a good cup of froyo (frozen yogurt); the healthier version of ice cream? You get to mix and match all your favorite flavors, add all the sweets you could think of, and enjoy a cup frozen sweets. I used to enjoy froyo all the time. My sister and I would go on froyo dates about once a week and share our stories and what’s going on in our lives. It was a good time until I started getting stomach aches after eating froyo, realizing that I could no longer enjoy it.

The last time I got froyo, I was just starting to develop my food sensitivities, so I knew I couldn’t eat some of my favorite toppings like M&M’s, Oreo’s, and hot fudge, so I was careful with what I put on top, if anything. What I did add as a topping like fruit and marshmallows, I have no problems with to this day, yet I still had a stomach ache after eating my cup of froyo. I then was confused as to why, so I looked up the ingredients in the frozen yogurt. Soy lecithin in every single flavor, even the ones I did not get, which means I can’t get any flavors of frozen yogurt. That was some heartbreaking news as I used to love going on our sister dates and getting a frozen dessert.

Looking at the ingredients now, I’ve also noticed my other sensitivity, canola oil as well as soy lecithin both listed as the ingredients in the froyo. That’s double the trouble. Yeah, unfortunately, I definitely need to stay away from frozen yogurt in order to stop a major stomach ache from happening. It does look like, however, some of these new Dole flavors may be okay for me to eat, yet I’m not a fan of lemon or orange plus then I would only have to hope that those two flavors will be at the store when I go. It is good to know that there is flavors without canola oil and soy lecithin and are also vegan and dairy free, which has changed from the last time I went.

This started as soy lecithin in froyo, yet ended as not being able to eat froyo because of both soy lecithin and canola oil. Nice to know. In my opinion, there is no need for both soy lecithin nor canola oil in frozen yogurt, especially plain flavors like vanilla or cotton candy. Looking up how to make frozen yogurt, the ingredients are yogurt, heavy cream, sugar/honey, and corn syrup (optional). What up with the oil and soy lecithin? Why can’t we keep our foods natural? Natural flavors and natural foods taste so much better than the artificial flavors and other crap we add to our foods. Maybe I’ll make my own, more natural, better tasting froyo instead of dwelling not being able to eat the crap in stores. Sometimes we’re better off making our own foods so we know what’s in them, how it’s made, and that way we can keep them more natural with no unnecessary added ingredients. Do your body a favor and make your own froyo.

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