Thanks to this brand, I’m able to eat sprinkles again!

Oh the joy of sprinkles! The colors or chocolatey flavor you get to add on your ice cream or other desserts to add some color and make them look pretty. Isn’t it oh so fun to add some sprinkles to your favorite sweets?! But, with a sensitivity or allergy like mine, you miss out on all the colorful fun because your body thinks sprinkles are poison.

I haven’t been able to eat sprinkles in years because of my sensitivity to soy lecithin. I remember the last time I ate sprinkles, putting some on my plain ice cream and having a stomach ache, but being confused as to why. I then looked at the ingredients of the sprinkles and you’ll never guess what’s inside. Yup! That’s right! Soy lecithin. No more sprinkles for me.

I’ve avoided sprinkles for many years and accepted the fact that I’ll have to enjoy my ice cream without them. But, recently, I found sprinkles by Color Kitchen; sprinkles from nature. These sprinkles are dye free, plant based, non-GMO, gluten free, and because they are all-natural, there’s sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin, which means I can enjoy them. Yippee!

I put some sprinkles on top of my milkshake and they were delicious. They had an all-natural flavor and I enjoyed eating them. I was excited that I could eat sprinkles again all thanks to Color Kitchen using natural, plant based ingredients. I can’t wait to put some sprinkles on a cake or cupcakes, or perhaps inside a vanilla cake to make a funfetti/confetti dessert; another item I haven’t had in years because of my sensitivites. I highly recommend trying some sprinkles from Color Kitchen, even if you can eat regular sprinkles. You might like them better because of their natural flavors.

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