Eating Too Many Allergy-Friendly Sweets

Opsie! I gained a little bit of weight….

You know when you have food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities and you keep finding new foods you can actually eat, so you get a little excited and buy everything you see….yeah, that was me. When I developed my food sensitivities, after discovering all these allergy-friendly, natural, and organic sweets, I went a little crazy and ate a little too much where I actually ended up gaining weight.

Enjoy Life Foods’ cookies, chocolate, Kinnikinnick’s Oreo like cookies, organic toaster pastries, organic chips, Annie’s bunny snacks, allergy-friendly candy, and so on. Those are the items I snacked on instead of eating fruit or something else healthy when I was hungry for a snack. I was excited when I found food I can eat that I bought it and enjoyed even if it was unhealthy. I ended up gaining about 5 lbs until I realized that all I was eating was junk food.

Not only did I have a couple cookies for dessert, some nights I made myself sundaes with ice cream, two cookies, chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, delicious, but way too many calories. My thought process was, “well, I’m hungry and need something to eat, plus it’s food I can enjoy and I’ll burn it off tomorrow when I work out, so why not go all out?” Big mistake.

I’ve realised that it’s time for a diet change. I need to stop snacking on all these sweets and eat fruit for snack and dessert instead. It is spring time now too, so the weather is nice, which means I’ll be able to run outside, which should help with my diet change as I burn more calories than the workouts I do in my bedroom following along to YouTube videos. At least I realized I was eating too much junk sooner rather than when it’s too late and I’ve gained way too much weight.

I saw a video on YouTube that was about how your health and life all depends on the choices you make; how true that is. You can be the depressed, overweight man who eats junk food and drinks alcohol every night. Or you can be the healthy, happy man who eats healthy snacks, workouts, and makes good choices. It’s all about the choices you make. Do you eat that cookie for dessert or some fruit and yogurt?

I eat yogurt for breakfast and recently changed the yogurts I eat with no added sugars or artificial flavors in hopes that it will be slightly healthier and better for my body as there is only 2 grams of sugar. Instead of eating chips or bunny snacks with me meal, I now eat fruit. I have fruit for snack, and instead of eating cookies, chocolate, ice cream…ect. for dessert, I eat fruit. I eat 2-3 different types of fruit a day and only drink water. I’m excited to see the results that will start showing up soon as I start to live a even healthier life by making good choices and doing the best I can for my body.

Now, it’s okay to have sweets every once in a while like during birthdays and celebrations, but not every night. I don’t even have any allergy-friendly sweets in my house, which helps a lot. I do have some chips and toaster pastries left from previous purchases, but I haven’t touched them in weeks. My sweet draw is now filled with applesauce; no sweets in sight. Love allergy-friendly sweets, will probably get one here and there, but definitely need to lay off.

When you think about the food you need to buy, think about your health. Are those allergy-friendly cookies delicious, yes, but are they healthy and the best decision for your body, no. Make good diet choices that will help you during old age instead of hurting you and causing you distress and pain. It all comes down to the choices you make in the present that will affect your future.

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