Oil in Ice Cream

Why is there extra ingredients in food that we don’t actually need?

Why in the world is there oil in ice cream?! What is the purpose of having oil in ice cream? I understand oil in ice creams that have other sweets mixed in like brownies, chocolates, cookies..etc., so technically there is oil in the sweets and not the icecream itself, but what about plain ice creams like vanilla? There is no need for oil to be in ice cream. Ice cream should consists of three ingredients; milk, ice, and salt. That’s it, unless you add sweets mixed in like chocolate chips, but not oil.

The other day, I was looking for an ice cream to eat and the struggle to find an ice cream that is safe for me to consume, with no oil (canola oil to be specific) and no soy lecithin, is unreal; harder than you would expect. I found ice creams with not, 1 or 2, but 3 different kinds of oil, and even if there wasn’t canola oil, I still didn’t want to eat ice cream with 3 different kinds of oil inside. I even saw an organic ice cream that was plain vanilla that had canola oil. Really?!

Just look at Ben & Jerry’s for example. Picking a random kind…chocolate chip cookie dough. Now, nothing against Ben & Jerry’s, I used to love their ice cream when I was able to eat it. Phish Food was my favorite and now they have non-dairy, which is awesome. But, looking at chocolate chip cookie dough in regards to oil, there is both soybean and coconut oil as well as soy lecithin. Soy lecithin makes sense because of the chocolate, but the oils, not so much. Even with the cookie dough, there should be butter, which is listed, but why oil? I never made cookies with oil, only butter.

This is why I like natural foods so much better; they have only the ingredients that the food actually needs and no added extra ingredients. Just look at this chocolate I found the other day, photographed below. Only TWO or THREE ingredients because that’s all it needs. The Honey Patties have chocolate and honey, shocking! Only those two ingredients and very delicious. So, when it comes to ice cream, there should be more ice creams with only a few ingredients depending on the flavor; cream, ice, and salt. That’s all you need. Stop adding extra, unnecessary ingredients. Keep food natural.

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