Big Brands Becoming More Natural and Allergy-Friendly

Even Nestle has allergy-friendly chocolate?! No way!

I love seeing big brands becoming more natural and allergy-friendly as well as seeing more allergy-friendly brands all over the stores. With brands catering to the food allergy community, it gives us hope, it makes it seem like they care about everyone and anyone, like they have an understanding and acceptance of those of us with food allergies. It makes the community happy to see the products and we become loyal customers of the brand.

Imagine walking around the grocery store and seeing a company you were unable to eat their products now have an allergy-friendly product on the shelves. It’s a sense of excitement where you get a “must buy now” sensation. Brands are quite smart in marketing and catering to the allergy-friendly community; catering to everyone. We no longer dislike the brand and stay away, but get excited and wait for more.

The other day, my mom found Nestle’s natural/allergy-friendly chocolate chips. Cool! I can now eat chocolate chips from Nestle and grab a bag from the regular brand like everyone else. Still love Enjoy Life Foods and their allergy-friendly products; will still buy their products, but it is also great to know that I can also buy from a regular brand not specifically allergy-friendly. Not only is Nestle’s chocolate chips allergy-friendly, but they also have an allergy-friendly chocolate chip cookie recipe listed on the back. How cool is that?!

Nestle isn’t the only brand that has natural/allergy-friendly products. As far as I know, there’s also both Jif and Skippy with their natural peanut butter. This natural peanut butter allows me to eat it with their use of palm oil instead of rapeseed/canola oil. I love being able to eat peanut butter from a big brand like Skippy that also taste great. There is other brands with organic/natural peanut butter that is just straight up peanuts and salt, but I prefer the peanut butter with palm oil in it, so the peanut butter is not oily, no need to stir it, and it is not just straight up peanuts once you get to the bottom. I’ve tried a lot of natural and organic peanut butters to find the one I like the best and Skippy is the one I enjoy the most. Has a little more ingredients other than peanuts and salt like oil and sugar, but it is still more natural than the other kind and works pretty well.

Then we have chips like Doritos and Cheetos that have natural/organic ingredients. These products happen to be white cheddar, which is good and I’m able to eat them, but I would love to be able to eat their regular products like Cool Ranch and Nacho Doritos and orange cheddar Cheetos Puffs. Why can’t they make those products natural/organic as well? There is also a few Simply chips like Ruffles, Tostitos, and Lays that are not white cheddar, which taste good and are awesome to have.

There is also Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream. This one I still can’t eat because of the other ingredients mixed in with the ice cream, but it’s cool to see a non-dairy version from a big brand like Ben & Jerry’s. There is also non-dairy whipping cream from Reddi Wip, which is cool to see as well. Both coconut milk and almond milk; nice to have two different options.

That’s just a few big brands that have natural/allergy-friendly versions of their products, which is just awesome and I’m excited to see other products from the same brands as well as other brands joining along as food allergies become more relevant and affect hundreds of people. Now I’m just waiting for brands like Hershey or Oreo to join in. Would love allergy-friendly Hershey candy as well as M&M’s, Oreos, Chips Ahoy!,and so on. It would be a great step for these brands to do, especially for brands that constantly have new products out. Just imagine how big they would become with allergy-friendly products to make all of us happy. I would also love to see allergy-friendly brands becoming bigger and destroying some of these big brands who may never have allergy-friendly products. Think about the customers; the people with all different types of allergies going on that want to enjoy the same products everyone else does.

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