Replacement Sides at Restaurants

I can’t believe they called this a salad…

If you’ve been to a restaurant, you would know that they usually give you french fries with your meal, which is the best part, but depending on the oil that is used, 99% of the time, I’m unable to eat the fries, therefore I’ll try to get something else as my side. The alternatives are usually a side that is quite healthy like some veggies or a salad. Most salad dressings have canola oil in them, so I try to avoid a salad as much as possible.

One night, we went out to eat for my sister’s birthday. I found a meal I could eat, perfect, but the side options were either fries or a salad or at least that’s the options they gave me knowing about my sensitivities. Couldn’t eat the fries, so the waitress offered a salad. Now, knowing I can’t eat dressing, I still accepted the salad anyways because either way, rather it was the fries or the salad, I wasn’t going to eat my side, so I didn’t really care what they brought out. Well, when the brought out my meal, this so called “salad” was just a bowl of lettuce. What?! That’s what you call a salad! I was picturing lettuce, veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots… etc), croutons, dressing, you know, all the essentials that make up a salad. Nope! Just plain ol’ lettuce. Have you ever had lettuce with nothing on it? It taste like dirt. Yeah, I had one piece of lettuce, and was like, “I’m not eating this.” Not to mention that my club sandwich already had lettuce in it.

I wonder what the salad is normally like, I doubt it’s just lettuce. Is it usually lettuce and dressing? Even with the dressing, that’s still pretty bland and boring. Do they usually put veggies in the salad? If so, how come they didn’t put any in mine? I just can’t eat the dressing, oh yeah, and the croutons, but I can eat around croutons. Well, to answer my questions, I Google searched their menu, which also comes with pictures. Comes to find out that their house salad, which is the one they gave me, is in fact lettuce with vinaigrette and two cucumbers and two tomato slices on the side. It all makes sense why my salad was just lettuce because I can’t have the vinaigrette, but even with the dressing, I’m kind of shocked that that qualifies as a salad. The definition of a salad is, “a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients.” A various mixture of vegetables, so in other words, not just lettuce, that doesn’t qualify as a salad.

I was also kind of shocked that they only had two side options; fries or a salad. Restaurants usually have a lot more options than two, like fries, salad, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn,…etc. When the waitress came back and was like, “do you want the house salad?” I was sitting there thinking, “that’s my only option?” So I asked, “what other options do you have?” And she responded with, “the house salad or a caesar salad.” So I was like, “yeah, the house salad is fine.” At other restaurants I’ve been to recently, I was able to get steamed broccoli or a baked potato, so I was a little confused and shocked at the same time. I wasn’t quite happy nor satisfied with my 2 side options that I didn’t even eat.

I have nothing against this restaurant, the food is pretty good and they have great desserts, even through I can no longer eat them, I just wish they had more side options for those of us who may want to eat healthy or who may not be able to eat the only two sides that came with the meal. I will still go to this restaurant, if a family member wants to for their birthday or celebration, knowing I was able to get a meal, but perhaps bring my own side dish/snacks to eat and enjoy as well, so I’m not still hungry after eating my sandwich. I guess if you do decide to go to a restaurant, bring your own food with you, so you know that if the restaurant fails, you’ll have your backup plan and extra food just in case. It’s always better to be extra prepared than to have nothing at all.

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