Hunger and Fast Metabolism

Why am I always hungry no matter how much I eat?

Food! All I think of is food! We all love a good meal and satisfying our hunger pains. But, sometimes I feel like I’m always hungry and can never satisfy my hunger. Now, I do a lot to speed up my metabolism such as work out 5 days a week, take vitamins, and drink lots of water so that explains why I’m always so hungry, but I feel like I’m always eating, but never eating enough.

I like to pace myself and only eat a certain amount at a time so I don’t overeat and gain weight, but sometimes I’m still hungry, but felt like I ate enough and should stop eating, so I take a break. I like to start off healthy by eating yogurt for breakfast, but then I’m usually hungry again about an hour later. I don’t usually have time for a snack, but when I do, I’ll eat some fruit or something small like a chewy bar if I’m still hungry or hungry again later. I usually eat about 5 times a day, although sometimes I still feel like that’s not enough. I don’t always have time for a snack after lunch since I’m busy at work, which explains why I’m always so dang hungry around dinner time.

At dinner time, I try not to eat too much at once even though I’m extra hungry and it’s hard to do, but it’s probably not healthy to eat a giant meal all at once. It’s better for you to eat 4-6 small meals/ snacks a day, which is what I try to do. I’m usually still hungry after dinner, but I’ll wait about an hour or so before eating my last snack of the day. The hunger usually comes back about an hour later, right before I go to bed, but I believe it’s too late to eat anything, so I usually go to sleep hungry. I then wake up hungry and fight through it, so I can get my workout in before breakfast.

Since I feel like I’m always hungry, I question if I’m eating enough. Am I eating the right foods? How do I know? How do I eat the right amount so I’m not still hungry after? I’m usually hungry right after finishing a meal, but stop eating to take a break and let it hit my stomach, but is that the right thing to do or should I keep eating until I’m full?

I feel like we should all know how to properly nutrition ourselves without having to pay a doctor, nutritionist, or trainer to tell us what we should be eating, but sadly we don’t. We should learn how to take care of our bodies in a healthy way in school. Yes, we learn about the food pyramid and all that, but never how much. How much food at on setting? When should I stop eating? When should I eat more? Why do doctors recommend about 3 meals a day, but people in the fitness industry suggest 4-6 meals a day? There’s so many questions.

A healthy diet and satisfying your hunger is hard especially since it is different for each person. Every body reacts different; some people need more food than others, so it is a lot harder to be able to say what amount of food is right for you and your body.  There’s a lot of things we do that we don’t have the answers to, but we wish we knew. That is the hard thing about life especially when it comes to staying healthy and trying to workout right as well as eat the right foods. We just don’t know.

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