I Have Allergies and I Don’t Like Allergy-Friendly Food

The other day, I tried allergy-friendly pancakes from a brand I love, and I didn’t really like them. I was so excited to try them because a lot of pancake mixes have canola oil in them; this one did not plus it was from a brand I admire, so I figured I would give it a shot. Yeah, I didn’t enjoy it and I’m sure it had something to do with the gluten-free flour blend since I’ve grown up to love pancakes made with all-purpose flour plus my body can still handle gluten, so I haven’t really eaten many gluten-free products. Now, they weren’t absolutely disgusting, but they just weren’t to my liking and I couldn’t finish them. So, that got me questioning, what if you have food allergies, but you don’t like allergy-friendly products?

We all have our likes and dislikes and foods we just can’t stand. We grew up trying many new foods and finding out the ones we like versus the ones we don’t early on in childhood. Some people have allergies ever since they were born and while they are still discovering likes and dislikes as children. Others develop allergies later on in adulthood after they narrowed down what they don’t like and enjoy the foods they do like.

For the younger children who are still discovering what foods they’ll enjoy, it may be easier for them to try allergy-friendly food and distinguish whether they can handle the food or not. Maybe if they have a gluten allergy and don’t really like gluten-free food that much, but they have to eat it, so they get used to the flavors and learn to enjoy it while they are still young and learning new things. But, I’m sure that’s different for adults.

Let’s say you developed allergies in adulthood after you grew up eating the same foods you loved for years. Now you have to try many different new foods you never had before and you may not like them. For me, I grew up eating Bisquick pancake mix. 20+ years later I tried a gluten-free pancake mix for the first time and did not enjoy it. So, my question is, what if you develop a gluten allergy, for example, and have to eat gluten-free food, but you don’t like them because you’re so used to eating gluten and enjoyed the foods with gluten better than gluten-free? You know the difference in taste between gluten and gluten-free. Do you have to force yourself to like gluten-free foods because that’s what you have to eat and hope you get used to the flavors? What do you eat if you don’t like allergy-friendly/gluten-free foods?

Finding food that is safe for you to eat as well as food that you like is pretty challenging. When you don’t have allergies, you stay away from the food you don’t like without even thinking about it or knowing that it’s harder for people with allergies because there’s more to it than just not liking something. When you have allergies, you avoid the foods you don’t like as well as the foods you can’t eat because your body thinks it’s poison. That leaves a very limited options of food you can actually eat and enjoy.

I find it interesting how it all works. Before developing food sensitivities, I never thought about not liking something as well as not being able to eat something. What if the food you like is food you can’t eat and the food you don’t like is food you have to eat? I never thought about that, but now I know what people go through and how hard it is to actually find safe food to enjoy. It’s a lot harder than you think.

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