Favorite Candy

With Halloween right around the corner, I started thinking about all the candy I can’t eat and questioning what my favorite candy is. M&M’s used to be my all-time favorite candy until I developed my sensitivity to soy lecithin. In fact, I was eating M&M’s when I found out that I can’t eat chocolate because of the soy lecithin, which bothered me and gave me a stomachache. I considered myself a chocoholic and I had my hands on anything involving chocolate; I loved eating chocolate, it was my go-to sweet and it made me happy. It was my guilty pleasure.

Now, chocolate is something I have to be careful with and I can’t consume what was once my favorite candy, so what is my favorite candy; what is my go-to sweet? I found UnReal’s vegan candy gems, that I’m able to enjoy, which are quite similar to M&M’s except made with plant-based ingredients. They’re good and I enjoy eating them; I’m glad there is a chocolate replacement to what was my favorite candy, but they are just not the same as M&M’s. The chocolate flavor and outside coating is slightly different, so I don’t enjoy them as much. I don’t consider them a favorite; I don’t eat them as much as I did with M&M’s. Other than their candy gems, their peanut version, and their peanut butter cups, which I do really enjoy, I can only eat a couple other organic chocolates as well as Enjoy Life’s allergy-friendly chocolate. Those chocolates are very tasty and I’m so glad I can still snack on some chocolate, but it’s just not at the level of which I consider them my favorite.

Other than chocolate, I’m able to eat most fruity candies, which I like, but none of them meet the standards to be my favorite. Plus, since I’m more of a chocolate fan, the fruity candies just don’t satisfy my chocolate cravings; they’re not the sweetness I’m looking for. With food sensitivities, I don’t really have a favorite because I’m just happy that there is candy I can eat. So, yes I like Skittles and UnReal, and Enjoy Life, but they’re not favorites; I’m just glad that I can eat those kinds verses the candies I can’t eat. Those candies aren’t necessarily my favorite, but I can eat them, which gives me joy. Does that make sense? So, if you were to ask me what my favorite candy is, my answer would be anything I can eat. I get excited with the simple fact that I can eat it. It’s the little things in life that brings me joy.

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