Grocery Stores and Bakery Products

With a sensitivity to canola oil and soy lecithin, you would think most bakery items would be safe for me to eat depending on what oil is used, but that’s not the case. Bakery sweets, especially at grocery stores, have soy lecithin in almost every product. Why? What even is soy lecithin? It’s not an ingredient I add when I bake; I don’t even know what it looks like or where to buy it, so why is it in most sweets at the grocery store?

I know that soy lecithin is in chocolates as an emulsifier, so it would make sense for the sweets involving chocolate to have soy lecithin in it, especially if grocery store bakeries are using actual chocolate and not just cocoa powder or cocoa beans, but what about the sweets that don’t have chocolate in/on them like carrot cake? Why is there soy lecithin in carrot cake? What about brownies? When I make brownies I use cocoa powder, which doesn’t have soy lecithin in it, so what do bakeries put in their brownies?

It can be frustrating when I’m craving something sweet like a cookie or brownie and don’t have the time or the ingredients to make a batch, but I can’t buy them in stores because I can’t eat the ones provided. Sometimes you just want one brownie, but I can’t buy one brownie. I used to be able to buy pre-packaged, individual brownies that I was able to eat, but then they stopped selling them. I was disappointed when I couldn’t find them anymore because I was actually excited that I could run to the store and get one brownie to satisfy my craving. Now I can’t do that anymore, so it’s frustrating. I just want to be able to get one sweet, for one night, when I’m really craving it just like other people can. I feel like it’s not fair, but people don’t understand unless they’re going through the same thing or something similar.

It’s those days where you want to get a sweet, but can’t because of your uncommon food sensitivities, where you wish you never developed the sensitivities in the first place. You wish everything was back to the way it was before your senstivtivies, so you could buy whatever food you want without having to worry about anything. Life is so much easier when you can walk into a bakery, grab what you want, and walkout all happy and excited instead of having to struggle to find one safe meal to eat.

I find it interesting on how your perspective changes on things and how you view life when something changes or occurs in your life. I knew nothing about food issues and the struggles people go through until it happened to me. Now I have a better understanding of the foods we eat as well as the challenges people face just trying to eat one meal. Sometimes we take things for granted and we don’t even realize it because we’re not aware of it. Something like being able to eat whatever food you want is definitely something people take for granted because they are unaware of the challenges other people face trying to find safe food to eat. People may know about allergies and may understand that some people have to be careful about what they eat, but they don’t fully understand what goes on behind the scenes.

I wish people were more educated and more involved in challenges people struggle with daily instead of becoming involved when something happens to them or someone they know. Sadly, that’s what happens because they are unaware, but I wish that wasn’t the case. We should all spread awareness and acceptance the best we can.

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