Enjoy Life Foods is a Lifesaver

Have you ever given up on trying to find safe food to eat and kind of lost hope, but then you found an allergy-friendly brand around the corner and got really excited? That is what happened to me and Enjoy Life Foods was that brand that I now know and love. When I first developed my food sensitivities, I remember being on vacation one time and walking into CVS. I came across Enjoy Life’s mini soft chocolate chip cookies and saw allergy-friendly on the box, so I took a look out of curiosity. Comes to turn out that I was able to eat them. I was so excited that I grabbed a box and tried them as soon as I got back to the hotel. I really enjoyed the cookies and was glad that I found them, especially after I didn’t have a reaction after consuming them.

Then when I got home, I went into to CVS and found some more of their cookies, so I grabbed what was available. I was so excited that I was able to get them at home too. I’ve tried many of their cookies and come to love their soft brownie cookies as my favorite kind. After that, I started to find more of their products in other stores and I was happy to see other stores include their food. Later, Enjoy Life Foods started making everything in teal boxes for food allergy awareness, which also helps their products stand out. I found chocolate I can eat and am slowly finding their other products as they arrive in stores like their protein bites.

For me, with a sensitivity to canola oil and soy lecithin, Enjoy Life Foods was a lifesaver. Growing up as a chocoholic, I was all sad about no longer being able to eat chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, and anything else I had to stop eating. Enjoy Life Foods has given me the ability to eat foods I used to love like cookies and chocolate even as having food sensitivities and not food allergies. I’m so glad they are able to make foods allergy-friendly so people can enjoy life and eat freely, and I’m so happy that I found them. I don’t know what I would do without them. I don’t know what I would be eating. I’m sure other people will say the same when it comes to Enjoy Life Foods and safe foods to eat; I’m sure others view them as a lifesaver as well and that’s how you know they are a great brand.

They even helped me survive my trip to Disney World when I found out that their products were at the Disney Parks and Resorts. I was able to enjoy my vacation a little worried-free, so it worked out there. I know Enjoy Life Foods will always be there for me when I travel and it’s great that they are coming out with other items besides sweets, so I can also survive during breakfast and snack time.

Thank you Enjoy Life Foods for doing what you do and allowing people to eat freely! I definitely recommend them to anyone with food allergies or not; it’s good stuff. I’m excited to see what other allergy-friendly foods they come out with.

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