Hiding your scale

How many times a day do you check your weight? How often are you worried about how much you weigh? If you answered once a day or even more than once a day, you’re not living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not good for both your mental and physical health to be checking your weight multiple times a day. We recently hid our scale and put it out of sight for numerous reasons, which made things better for my mental and physical health. I no longer check my weight multiple times a day. I’m no longer worried about how much I weigh and whether I’ve lost weight or not. I’m now more focused on how I feel, what workouts to do, and what to eat throughout the day.

With the scale out of sight, I don’t even think about my weight. I don’t think to check to see how much I weigh. I don’t see the scale at all, so I completely forget that I have one, which helps me not worry about my weight. When we left the scale out and in sight, that’s all I was thinking about. I woke up and checked my weight, completed my workout and weighed myself again as well as one more time before going to bed. Pretty much when I went into the bathroom, where the scale was, was when I checked my weight. I went into the bathroom to take a shower, but saw the scale there, so I wondered how much I weighed and went to stand on the scale. Your weight doesn’t change much during the day and doesn’t drastically change overnight, but that’s what we’re all hoping for. After a workout, we all want to see results right away. We want to lose weight overnight, but that’s not how it works. It takes weeks for changes to kick in.

Why are we so obsessed with how much we weigh? I believe that as long as you’re healthy, take good care of yourself, and are happy with yourself then it shouldn’t matter how much you weigh. It’s just a number; does it really matter? There could be someone who is healthy and fit, but weighs 200 pounds. Technically he would be considered overweight, but he’s 200 pounds of muscle instead of fat. So, does it really matter that he’s considered overweight when he’s muscular, fit, healthy, and happy with his body? Life is so much better when you’re not worried about your weight. Now that the scale is out of the way, I don’t know how much I weigh nor do I care. I workout, eat healthy, take good care of my body, and feel good about myself both mentally and physically. Isn’t that all that matters?

When I move out on my own, I plan on not owning a scale. I don’t think we need them and I think scales make things worse for you and your health. I think what really matters is how you feel inside. I encourage you to start off by hiding your scale and see how you feel about it. See how it changes you for the better both mentally and physically. See what life is like without a scale. If you enjoy not having one, then get rid of it; throw it away. Encourage others to not buy one. It’s one of those things that we have available to us, but we don’t really need it; we can live without. We only use it because we have it. We only use it because we were taught that weight is important; that we need to be a certain weight to be healthy, but we don’t. Health has nothing to do with how much we weigh, it’s all about how we feel and what’s going on inside our bodies as well as our minds.

Sometimes we need to question the things we have and go against society and the majority. Do we need coffee to survive? No, we don’t, we only need water, but a lot of people drink it because it’s provided to us and they like how it makes them feel; they feel like they need it to wake them up. In reality, you don’t need coffee until you start drinking coffee. Your body doesn’t know the effects of coffee until you give it some, then it thinks it needs it and you get addicted to it and can’t get off of it. That’s the same for scales. We don’t need them, but we use them because we have them and once we start using it, we just accept it and think it’s normal to always be checking our weight. It’s things like that where you should go outside of the norm and question what we have and have been using. Do you really need it? Think what is best for you and your mental and physical health because that’s what really matters.

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