Oil is everywhere

Did you know that you could be eating or drinking (yes, drinking!) products that secretly have oil in them? There’s oil in things you would never think would have oil. You could think you’re having a regular glass of orange juice or a turkey sandwich, but you are actually consuming oil without even knowing it. It’s hidden inside our foods and you are unaware you are consuming oil unless you happen to look at the ingredients or ask someone who makes the food. If you don’t have to watch what you have to eat and you don’t look at the ingredients, then you can be clueless and unsure what you are actually buying. For example, if you buy a bag of Goldfish do you look at the ingredients or just put the bag in the cart? Do you know what ingredients are in Goldfish; do you know what you’re actually eating? Or do you just buy more when you run out because you like Goldfish without knowing what you’re eating besides a snack that smiles back?

What are some foods you are aware has oil in it? What makes sense is baked goods such as cakes and breads, cooking sprays, chips and french fries, chocolates and candies, and so on. Now let’s look into products that you wouldn’t think has oil in it.

Cereals. There are cereals that are oil free like Lucky Charms, which are my favorite kinds of cereals, but there’s also cereals like Cheerios that have oil inside. That to me, isn’t all that shocking because you may need oil to keep the ingredients together to form the cereal shapes, but I never realized I was eating oil for breakfast until I had to watch what I eat and look at all the ingredients for every food item I was buying. I now have to be careful on what cereals I buy and keep an eye out for canola oil as well as soy lecithin.

Sunny D and Muscle Milk. There is oil in your drinks! You have been drinking oil without even realizing it. My sister was drinking Sunny D the other day and happened to look at the ingredients and noticed that canola oil was listed. Not only


that, but it only contains 5% juice. What the heck are you drinking? Apparently canola oil. Good thing I didn’t try to drink some orange juice from Sunny D. As for Muscle Milk, I added some of thier protein powder to my home-made smoothie only to find out that I couldn’t finish it and had a stomachache after. I then went to look at the ingredients and realized that there is canola oil in it. Who wants to drink oil?! Why is there oil in our beverages? I now have to look at the ingredients of every drink I purchase to make sure that there is no oil in it. That is shocking to me!

The last product I will talk about is deli meat. I ended getting a stomachache after eating a regular turkey sandwich with bakery bread that doesn’t bother me, mayo that I can eat, and cheese, so it had to have been the meat that bothered me, but why? The next time I went to the grocery store I asked about the meat only to find out that deli meat is placed in canola oil to keep it moist. So, if you don’t like deli meat because it is slimey and moist, you now know it’s because it has canola oil all over it. You are eating oil with your meat without even knowing it. The only way I found out is by asking people because I ended up having a reaction from eating meat; something I thought was okay to eat. So, now I can’t even eat deli meat and have to ask at restaurants if their meat is placed in oil.

I’ve now learned that we should be watching what we consume and taking a second look at what’s in our food and how it’s made. There could be hidden things that we don’t know about that maybe we shouldn’t even be eating/don’t really need in our food, but are eating without knowing it. Why is there oil in things such as deli meat that we don’t know about? What else is in our food and drinks that we don’t know about? Is there other things hidden that may not be listed and if it isn’t listed then why not? What are they hiding from us? Maybe we should start making foods ourselves and growing our own fruits and vegetables so we know how everything is made and that it’s all safe to eat. We think what we are eating is okay and safe to eat, but maybe it’s not; we’ll never know, but we should know what we’re eating and putting into our bodies.

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