Scared to Eat Food

Do you ever have so many reactions after eating food that you actually start to become scared to eat food and to try new foods? For me with food sensitivities, I never know when I may have a reaction. I could eat food that I think is okay, but then I end up getting a stomachache, and start to question why it bothered me; what did I miss in the ingredients that would have bothered me? Is there something hidden inside the ingredients that I missed? For example, soy lecithin is one ingredient that bothers me along with canola oil. What is common between canola oil and soy lecithin? They are both made from the rapeseed plant. Who knew? So, without evening knowing it, I was eating chocolate that had rapeseed in it, but it was listed as soy lecithin.

Eventhough my reactions aren’t that bad, they are simailr reactions to someone who is lactose intolerant, stomach pains and cramps followed by diarrhea, it’s still not fun to go through it and to have to watch what I eat and worry if I’ll have a reaction or not. Not knowing what will happen and how my body will handle the food is kind of scary and I start to become scared to try new foods and eat food where I don’t know if my body can handle it.

At this point, I’m used to the constant stomachaches, but I’m also kind of over it. The stomach pain doesn’t hurt as much as it used to because I’ve had them so often that I don’t feel them as strong, but I’m tired of having stomachaches every so often, especially after eating something I thought was okay to eat. I don’t want to have to deal with all this anymore, which adds to the factor of me being scared to eat food because I’m done with all the pain and suffering. So, if you have an allergy to foods, how many times are you going to deal with allergic reactions before you’re over it and tired of having them? You don’t want to have to worry about constantly having a reaction and carrying an EpiPen just in case. It can be annoying at times. With an allergy, you’re even more scared to eat food because it has more harmful side effects and could unfortunately lead to death. That is scary!

Lucky for us, we know what to expect and we’re prepared for the consequences. We have to accept the fact that if we eat certain foods, we might have an reaction to it. We narrowed down the foods we can’t eat, and are able to enjoy the foods we know we can eat. That’s what we have to keep in mind; knowing that there is food we can eat. We know what won’t bother us vs. what will bother us and we are able to stick to the foods that won’t effect us.

Maybe instead of trying new foods after we have everything narrowed down, we should just stick to those foods, so we don’t have to live in fear and worry about how the food will effect us. I keep looking for other foods that I might be able to eat, which is when I then start to become scared to eat it because I don’t know what will happen; the fear of the unknown. I think for now on, I’ll just stick to the brands I love and eat the foods I know I’ll be okay with instead of finding new foods. It’s not healthy for us to live our lives in fear and usually I’ll say to overcome your fears, but when it’s with food and with something that could kill us, it’s better not to risk it and stick with what you know and love. Don’t live your life in fear worried about what might happen; be happy with what you have and what you can enjoy.

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