Model-Sized Clothing: We Need Change

Have you ever felt like you needed to change your appearance in order to feel good about yourself and live a happy life? Do you ever hate going clothes shopping because of the fear of not being able to fit into anything or fit into clothes properly the way you would like to? After losing weight, I’ve learned that it wasn’t my weight that was the problem, it’s the size and shape of our clothing and the fact that society makes us believe that thin is beautiful and perfect; that we have to be a certain size in order to fit into the clothes that is offered to us.

In reality, people use thin models who have to not eat much in order to be that thin, to make the clothes we have. They use the mannequins, which are based off of really thin and fit people, but not based off of people of all shapes and sizes. There are no mannequins of different shapes and sizes, of different people and how the majority of people look, but only of thin people that society wants us to be.

The problem isn’t that we are too fat to fit into clothes and not the right shape and size to fit properly, the problem is the clothes aren’t the right size for all of us. The problem is that society leads us to believe that we are not thin enough; that being thin is the “perfect” body. It’s all over the media and the sad truth is that most of the time what we see isn’t even what the model they used actually looks like. They use photoshop to make the model even thinner and to erase their “imperfections” to make them even more “perfect.” They use those images to make us think that the photoshopped body is the ideal body; this is what you should look like. These photoshopped people are the people our clothes are made based off of. You have to be this size in order to fit into clothing, but the truth is no one is that size, not even the models themselves.

Society makes us think that we have to change our appearances in order to be accepted, to look like the models they shove in front of our faces, and to live a perfect life. I grew up slightly over weight and had to buy the bigger, sometimes the biggest size they had for that shirt, in order to fit into it and even still wouldn’t feel happy about it because some fat might still stand out. Most of the people my age shopped at stores like American Eagle, stores that I was never able to shop at because the clothes were too small and too tight, so I couldn’t fit into them and I felt fat and didn’t like how I looked, which only made me depressed and not happy about my appearance. I ended up wearing male T-shirts because they fit better and were more comfortable. They weren’t a certain hour- glass shape like female clothing is. I then decided to lose weight because I wanted to fit into girl clothes. I wanted to feel good about how I looked.

Of course, after losing the weight is when I learned that I was fine the way I was. I was happy with myself and didn’t care about my appearance. Now I’m more self-conscious about my weight and pick out every little thing about my body that I think is a flaw; the fat on my body that I think I still need to lose in order to be happy with how I look. That’s not how it should be. I shouldn’t have to change in order to be happy with how I look. I shouldn’t have to change in order to fit properly in clothes. What should change is how our clothes look; the style, shape, and sizes of our clothing as well as how our models look. Ordinary, non-photoshopped people should be models for people to look up to; people of all shapes and sizes that allows people to be happy with themselves. We don’t need to change ourselves, but society needs to change on how they look at things, on what they show us, and on what really is beautiful; the fact that all humans are beautiful no matter how you look. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don’t let other people and society make you think otherwise. You are fine the way you are. BE YOU! BeYOUtiful!

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