Diets VS. A Healthy Lifestyle

Many people go on diets to lose weight, although diets, in my opinion, are not the best/healthiest way to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. I’m against diets because people will go on a diet and try it out, which does help them lose weight because they’re changing their bad eating habits and eating healthier than they used to, but once they are satisfied with their weight or tired of dieting, they will go back to their bad eating habits and gain the weight back, if not, more.

I’m not an expert in dieting and a healthy lifestyle, this is all just my opinion and what I’ve learned from experiences, so feel free to disagree and inform/educate me on what I don’t know, but I believe that diets are bad and not the best way to maintain healthy living.

I think that changing your diet and eating more healthy foods is better than a short term diet. Why not make yourself and your body feel good and healthy all year round instead of just for a couple months on a diet as part of your journey to lose weight?

Unfortunately, the unhealthy stuff is what tastes good and what we crave, which doesn’t help us live a healthy lifestyle. Even I, who is into fitness and works out 5 days a week, finds myself snacking on some chips or cookies because that’s what I’ve been craving and then I wonder why I having been loosing weight and looking as fit as I want to be. It’s because I’ve been snacking on unhealthy foods instead of fruits and vegetables, because let’s be honest, if you had a choice between a cookie and an apple, what would you choose? I would go for the cookie. Recently, I decided to eat fruit and vegetables instead of a cookie for a snack, and I hope to see results on weight loss and a more fit, muscular body within a couple of weeks. I’ve realized that a healthy diet along with fitness will be more beneficial than just working out and not really eating as healthy as I should be.

Now when you change your diet, will you lose weight forever? No, of course not, but because you started eating healthier and cutting out the unhealthy foods, you will lose a good amount of weight. Add exercise into your your new healthy diet and you’ll see great results. You’ll have a lot more energy and more motivation to work out more and continue your healthy lifestyle. You’ll be able to see and feel the changes that is only better for you and your body. A diet change is a better route to take in order to better yourself and live a healthy lifestyle 24/7.

In my opinion, you should change your diet and eating habits in order to lose weight as well as maintain a healthy weight and a healthy balanced diet instead of going on a diet just to lose weight then get off the diet to gain the weight back. Rethink the foods you have been eating as well as the beverages you have been drinking and think what you can cut out and replace from your diet to make yourself feel good. In the end, it will all be worth it and you’ll be glad that you decided not to diet, yet to change your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

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