Regular VS. Organic

Let’s talk about the differences between “regular” and organic food. I’ve eaten “regular” food for about 21 years of my life and then I all of a sudden had to switch to organic foods at the age of 21 to stop having reactions from canola oil and soy lecithin. Changing my diet to organic, natural, and allergy-friendly foods has done wonders for my body.

Organic food is something I thought I would never eat because I was too scared to try it; I didn’t really know what organic meant and I didn’t want to switch foods and try something new. I don’t really like trying new things, but I pretty much had to. I had to stop eating the food I grew up with and change my diet to new food I never had before. Scary, isn’t it?

After trying all this organic, natural, and allergy-friendly food, the taste actually isn’t that different from “regular” food. There is a lot of organic foods that are quite similar in shape, texture, and flavor to “regular” foods, yet sadly, organic food is a lot more expensive.

Let’s compare some foods:

Annies’s Cheddar Bunnies is the organic alternative to Goldfish. They both have a similar shape; one is a bunny and the other is a goldfish. They are both cheddar flavored crackers that taste pretty much the same, except goldfish are a little more saltier.  A 6oz bag of Goldfish is about $2, whereas, a 7oz box of Cheddar Bunnies is about $4, so if I had a choice, I would buy Goldfish considering the fact that it is cheaper and they taste the same.

The peanut butter cups are exactly the same in shape, texture and taste. The only difference is that one has dark chocolate where the other is milk chocolate. I personally prefer the dark chocolate one and would buy that over a Reese’s no matter what the price is. I just like the dark chocolate flavor better than the milk chocolate and I get a, “wow! That’s good!” sensation every time I bite into an UnReal peanut butter cup.

That’s just two food items out of the many alternatives that are quite similar to the original brands. I could list more, but then this blog would be pages long and too boring to read, so I’ll just stick with two to show a couple of examples. These examples express how close an organic item is to its non-organic twin. As someone with sensitivities who can’t eat the ordinary stuff, I’m so happy that there is food that is similar and just as delicious as the food I grew up eating. It’s amazing how you could use different ingredients/allergy-friendly ingredients and still make a product look, feel, and taste the same as the other stuff. It amazes me how you can make a food item similar to another product using the ingredients you have, which is less than and pretty different from the other brand.

Then I start to wonder what is in our food that doesn’t really need to be in our food? If brands can make products without those ingredients then why do other brands have those ingredients in the food; are they really necessary? Some food products have ingredients that most of us don’t know how to pronounce, which are ingredients food doesn’t really need. Organic and natural foods only have ingredients the food needs and ingredients we know how to say. That is why I prefer organic and natural food because if we don’t know what it is and we can’t even pronounce it, should we really be eating it?

So, if you want to or have to switch to organic, natural, and allergy-friendly foods, I can say not to be afraid; the food taste pretty much the same to the foods you’re used to and have all natural ingredients and no added ingredients that food doesn’t really need. It’s worth a try and you’ll be surprised on how good the food actually tastes.

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