Being Surrounded By Food You Can’t Eat

When you develop food sensitivities later on in life, you have to change your eating habits and say goodbye to all your favorite foods that you know and love; all that food that you used to eat all the time. It can be frustrating and depressing when your favorite food is right in front of you, but you can’t eat it; you can only stare at it, smell it, and watch the people around you enjoy every bite. It’s not a good feeling when you have to fight your urge to grab the food. To just stop eating food you loved and having to remind yourself that you can’t eat it; you start to feel sad and wish you didn’t have the problems because you just want to enjoy the food from your past.

It’s things like this where you have to look at the positive side; look at all the wonderful food you can eat and forget about the ones you can’t. Even with allergies, there is still delicious food you can eat and enjoy. Most of the food is even healthier and better for you. I can no longer eat the chocolate with artificial flavors, lots of sugar and calories, but I can eat the vegan and organic chocolates with natural flavors and healthier, real ingredients.

My body has changed for the better as I’m now eating natural and organic foods that don’t have unnecessary and unhealthy added ingredients. I lost a couple of pounds, have more energy and feel better than before. So, now when someone is eating a food I can’t eat, I think, “enjoy your unhealthy food that isn’t good for you, I’ll enjoy this tasty natural food.” It works out even better when no one else likes your natural, organic, allergy-friendly food, so you get to keep it to yourself while everyone else fights over their food.

I’ve learned that it’s always better to look at the positives rather than the negatives. The negatives will only bring you down and there is really no point to focus on something you can’t have. Don’t worry about it and enjoy what you can have. Even with food sensitivities, there is still food I can eat, which is a good and positive thing. I get excited about finding food that taste good and I can enjoy. Why bring yourself down when you can focus on the positives and make yourself happy? Enjoy the things you do have; don’t look at what you don’t have.

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